Thing That Makes Indian Fashion Unique

Fashion in India is a rapidly growing industry, and post-globalization, the economy has opened itself to interactions with other countries, therefore, presenting the culture and tradition we carry with our outfits to the whole world. Certain very unique factors make Indian Fashion “ out of the common ” and shine separately in a horde of fashion trends, some of these factors are:

Colour: Colour is an integral part of India’s consciousness. We are known far and wide for our bright shades of clothes and glitters that talk of happiness and celebrations. As a land of merriment and festivals, our outfits are also bedazzled with beautiful bold hues and each color used for each event carries its symbolic importance and a story to narrate.

Style: Indian Fashion is a plethora of patterns, designs, textures, and fabric. As a country that takes pride in its diversity, one can always expect to get overwhelmed by how much creativity and art varies amongst cultures. There are innumerable ways of draping a single saree, and that too can be made of silk, rayon, cotton, etc. In recent times the old traditional outfits are also being reimagined in a more modern context to carry on the legacy forward but modifying it minutely to fit the taste of times.

Accessories: Apart from clothes, another important aspect of Indian Fashion is our Accessories. Indian jewelry dates back to the dawn of civilization in India. The jewelry and ornamentation of ancient India wowed the Greek visitors. The decoration has improved significantly in recent years. Using a combination of repetition, symmetry, and orderliness, these kinds of adornments have become a feature of Indian dressings, particularly on festive occasions. Some of these include jhumkas, maangtika, flower hair jewelry, chokers, nose pins, etc. 

Even from a historical perspective, Indian clothes were desired by many, our textile industries were booming with demand for the beautiful craftsmanship that goes behind a garment. India as a traditional unit translates their beliefs, rituals, and social conditions into what they wear, for instance, the veils in Rajasthan and more western dresses in places like Goa. Each piece of clothing is an existing testimony to a story that exists, and with so many stories the country celebrates, it is imperative to have multiple fashion elements too. Bandhani prints, chikankari embroidery, mirror work, block printing are a few ways to adorn a plain fabric and turn it into a dress, but the actual list seems to be inexhaustive.

There is a short story that prolific author Sudha Murthy mentions in one of her books about how ingrained are clothes even in Indian stories and myths of the past. The story revolves around a royal couple who are able to conceive a beautiful baby daughter, who is looked after by the holy goddess herself. The young princess is extremely fond of “fashion” and clothing, to an extent that her daily demands for new garments exhaust the poor king and queen, who again ask the Holy Goddess for her help. She goes and grants the young beautiful, yet vain princess a boon. She will receive a new outfit every day from worldwide places, but she has to wear no other garment other than that, or else she will die.

Much to the princess’s delight, every morning there would be a new wonderful cloth and accessories to match that on her bed. The princess would walk around in the kingdom with pride, everyone envied her but was also fond of her, for she was a good-natured noble person. One day, on her daily stroll, the princess saw a girl of almost her age, stepping out in a plain simple white saree. It was a humble person’s normal outfit, yet it was so alluring and so beautiful that the princess could not help but exchange her dress with this plain commoner. As the goddess had said, she vanished from the place into an afterworld at that exact moment. Everyone was devastated at this. Therefore, as a memento to the Princess, at that exact place grew a vegetable with many layers, what we call today as an “onion”. The layers represent the number of outfits she had. Onions also make people cry because every time anyone in the kingdom would look at them, they were reminded of their princess.

What a crazy story, right? And also a bit confusing, but that is the beauty of India, every shade mixes into this chaos called culture, like a lot of voices in a single song.

While countries like France, Spain, etc are considered as “top fashion countries”, India in its own essence pays homage to the values and morals embedded in its civilization. Indian Fashion has now also been taking a contemporary look due to designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Gaurav Gupta (, who are carrying the legacy in a much more modern world, while retaining the authenticity of original thought that goes behind the “Fashion”.

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