Online Stores to buy Indian Clothes from

The Covid 19 pandemic reflects a changed attitude towards shopping and buying things, due to the inaccessibility of physical places, a lot of households switched to online shopping for various commodities. Usually, online shopping for clothes happens on big online business portals like Amazon and Flipkart, however, YOUR fashion can be trendier and refreshing than these enterprises. Are you always in a dilemma about where to order those beautiful clothes from?! Here is a small list of a few online businesses that you can rely on your fashion related purchases:

  1. BeadzNThreadz is an extremely reliable online store that is proud to have a tantalizing and impressive collection of women’s clothing items such as Kurtis and sarees and dupattas and a lot more. All of their clothes are made from quality fabric and are fashionable. They even have a collection of dress materials for one to get it stitched as per their size and the prices for each and every commodity is very affordable. A must recommend if you are looking for comfortable clothes that are esthetically simplistic. For enquiry, feel free to call them or Whatsapp @ 9008001710.

  1. Saira’s Boutique (

If you are picky about your outfit choices and always confused about what would suit your personality then this boutique is the best place to go. They have personalized customer support to acquaint everyone with the process of choosing an outfit for themselves. They even have a huge handpicked fashion collection that works for all your big and small glamourous social events.

  1. Vasaas (

Vasaas is one of the most recommended online stores if you are looking for trendy clothes with a touch of ethnicity and Indian tradition in it. They have a wide collection of clothes ranging from different designers to varying purposes. They are also known for their quality premium packaging and quick delivery. Their Designer collection is exclusive and unavailable on other platforms too.

  1. Kalki (

If you are looking for a night of standing out from the crowd and having a sober yet chic classy look at your extravagant party, then make sure to check out the collection on this website. The designs are made by fresh upcoming talented designers and are really versatile in a way that they reflect modernity. Apart from that they also let you customise your outfit so as to suit your preferences.

  1. Rangriti (

Rangriti, made up of two words, Rang (color) and riti (fashion), combines the two essential components of any good outfit. They provide high-end fashion at considerable prices. They have a wide collection of beautiful Anarkali, churidar, leggings, etc which will reflect freshness, variety, and style in your closet

  1. House of Indya (

Have you ever had the wish to dress up like famous celebrities and influencers? Well, the House of Indya might be the best place to channel that Bollywood Diva into you. They have a branded collection of lots of outfits over a lot of variety that corresponds to whatever we see in our movies and award shows etc at comparatively cheaper rates than exclusive designer labels. They have recently even partnered with Shraddha Kapoor to bring her fashion taste into the brand game. 

Apart from these, there are online stores of branded companies like Biba, Aurilia, FabIndia, etc that focus only on ethnic wear, as well as brands like ShopperStop, Reliance Trends, CraftsVilla that dedicate a section of their collection to Indian clothes. One of the best things about a virtual world is that your collection to pick a perfect outfit increases with each new tab you open. Much unlike going to a store and being able to see products present there only, for online platforms, you can browse through lots of catalogs from different places that all have a different approach to fashion and then decide what suits you the most. With the ease of accessibility and well-defined return policies and guarantee programs, it is maybe a bit more convenient and insightful to shop virtually, not to forget the ample amount of sales and discounts that these websites put out on a regular basis, so you don’t have to miss out on buying what makes YOU look like the diva you should be!

Happy shopping!

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